4th Advent 2018

4th Advent 2018

Sanctuary (9)

Sanctuary (9)

Sanctuary (7)

Sanctuary (7)

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Sanctuary (6)

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Sanctuary (4)

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Sanctuary (8)

Sanctuary (5)

Sanctuary (5)

Sunday Service

(Suspended until further notice)

Reverend Ronald Duncan


Message from Father Ron

As a Parish and for many as residents of the Jubilee Centre we are thankful that we have not had any cases of Covid 19 and hopefully we never will.  I was impressed over the past two weeks by the number of parishioners and residents who have been vaccinated. I would encourage everyone to get vaccinated unless you are one of those in that small group who is allergic to one of its compounds. On a personal level I can let you know that after three and a half months I have had no reaction to the Pfizer vaccine.

Words of appreciation should be said to all those in the Jubilee Centre who worked to keep all of us safe and that includes residents as well as staff. The ways in which you have followed the guidelines regarding masks, social distancing, and hand washing as well as overall sanitization have been impressive and demonstrated both a care for neighbours and a care for self. While all of us are beginning to get tired of all of the rigamarole it is important that we keep our guard up.


To members of the Parish please know that you are continually in my thoughts and prayers. It was wonderful that we were able to be open for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Hopefully this newly induced stay at home policy will lead to a brighter day and allow us to reopen confident that we are safe. 

Rev. Ron Duncan

Priest in Charge, Church of the Atonement and President, Jubilee Centre

April 05 2021 Update

Sunday Service will be suspended until further notice to help stop the spread of Covid-19

Church of Atonement
Protocol During COVID-19 Pandemic 


  • Hand Sanitizer must be used upon entering the building.

  • Masks must be worn at all times

  • People are encouraged to bring their own masks (and water bottles if needed) Masks will be available for anyone who did not bring their own.

  • No lingering or congregating in groups at the entrances, etc.

  • No physical contact is to take place such as hugging or handshaking. Verbal greetings only.

  • 6 feet apart must be maintained while waiting to enter and exit the church.

  • Parishioners are restricted to only one section of the lounge as a waiting area. Please schedule your arrival so as to limit the amount of time you will be needing to use the lounge. Masks and social distancing apply in this area.

  • One person permitted in the washroom at one time. 

  • Everyone must have their attendance recorded on the contact tracing log sheet upon arrival.


Worship and Holy Communion


- 6 feet apart must be maintained while waiting to enter and exit the church.

- Masks must be worn at all times 

- No physical contact is to take place such as hugging or handshaking. Verbal greetings only.

- Individual service leaflets will be distributed. No prayer books/hymnals will be handed out.

- Parishioners may deposit their offering into plates at the back of the worship area.

- Everyone must obey floor directional signs.

- Chairs have been spaced to allow for social distancing. Only people in the same family and living in the same house or apartment are allowed to sit together. Masks must still be worn.

- Children are to remain with their family.

- Extra seating for visitors will be available at the back of the church or as needed.

- No choral or congregational singing is permitted.

- There will be only one reader per service and they will use the microphone at the lectern with their mask on.

- No physical contact is to take place during the exchange of the Peace. The Priest will say “The peace of the Lord be always with you” to which the congregation will respond “And also with you.”

- The elements for Holy Communion will not be processed up the aisle during the Offertory Hymn.

- The Priest will consecrate both the bread and the wine, and consume in both kinds, but will distribute only the consecrated bread to all others.

- Each communicant will remain seated in their chairs and the Priest will deliver a wafer to each individual while wearing a mask by gently dropping the wafer into the open palm of the communicant. The Priest will then say “The Body of Christ…” to which the communicant will reply “Amen” Each communicant will wait until the Priest has moved 6 feet away before removing their mask, and consuming the wafer. Those who do not wish to receive communion should cross their arms across their chest to signify this. A blessing will be given to them without touching.

- No lingering or congregating in groups at the exit.

- Everyone must obey floor directional signs.

-   No physical contact is to take place such as hugging or handshaking. Verbal greetings only.

  • 6 feet apart must be maintained while waiting to enter and exit the church.

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds as soon as you get home.

The Church or Atonement Alderwood, whose motto is "Faith, Fellowship and Stewardship", celebrates its storied past and looks forward to future decades as an integral part of the community. 

Our History

1922 - The Mission of the Church of Atonement was first conceived in December 1922, but with no church building available, the services of "The Horner Avenue Mission" were held in the old Horner Avenue school house.

1924 - The Church of the Atonement on Horner Avenue opened officially on 9 July 1924, with the 143 attendance, with the Rev H O Tremayne requesting Bishop to officially open the building.

1953 - When the church on Horner Avenue became overcrowded, the present church (256 Sheldon Ave) designed by the architectural firm of Hanks, Irwin and Pearson, with an estimated cost of $90,000, was built. The church of Atonement opened on Lanor and Sheldon Ave in 1953.

1981 - Parishioners unanimously voted for a complex incorporating the church building and a seven-storey senior-citizens' apartment complex. The 60th anniversary of the Parish Church in 1983 gave the Jubilee Centre its name.


*Credits and Special thanks to Etobicoke Historical Society, Katherine Williams, and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Archives and Church of Atonement parish records.Full Article is published on "The Aldernews" on September 2005. Copy of the news is attached.

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Church History P.2

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